What is High Range PCA?

High Range PCA is categorized by the Law as having an alcohol level of 0.149 or higher.

Being charged with a high range PCA is a serious matter. If you are convicted by the court, there are severe penalties including going to goal.  There are important factors that influence the magistrate who is sentencing you. One of these is whether you have been convicted for any level of a PCA offence in the previous 5 years.

What can happen to me if I am found Guilty of a High Range PCA?

There are a number of penalties the Magistrate hearing your matter may impose on you. These include:

  • A fine up to $3,300 for a first offence, or up to $5,500 for a second or subsequent offence.
  • Maximum goal sentence of 18 months for a first offence or 2 years for a second or subsequent offence.
  • An automatic disqualification of your licence for three years which can be reduced by the Magistrate to a period to a minimum of 12 months, if it is a first time offence. For a second or subsequent offence, there is an automatic disqualification of 5 years; however, a Magistrate has the discretion to reduce this period to a minimum of 2 years.